Wheels for Robinson Helicopters


by Helitowcart

Designed for Robinson Helicopters, our wheel solutions are built to last! Multiple models available for specific needs. All designed for easy maintenance & continuous reliability.

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Robinson Helicopter Wheel

Single Wheels

New Design

The most popular wheels on the market, works on all terrain & weather conditions. Can be set at two possible heights to clear obstacles. Sturdy components and easy care.

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For: R22, R44, R66

Robinson Helicopter Dual Wheel

Dual Wheels

Ideal for loaded helicopters or very uneven terrain. Spreads helicopter weight on four tires. Two possible height adjustments. Among highest quality construction on market.

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For: R44, R66

Robinson Helicopter Pod Wheel

Pod / Basket Wheels

With it’s extra long support pin, the pod wheel allows to reach skid when a pod / basket is installed. Sturdy hook pin welded to wheel heart to ensure perfect hook position at all time for cranking rotation.

For: R44, R66

Robinson Helicopter Clipper Wheel

Clipper Wheels

New wheel design to serve Clipper R44's. Product Coming Soon.

For: R44, R66


Wheel Type Tire Type R22 R44 & R66
Single Wheels Regular V4466
Easy Roll V22EZROL V4466EZROL
R22 Regular V22
Dual Wheels Regular V4466DUAL
Easy Roll V4466DUAL-EZROL
Pod / Basket Wheel Regular V44POD
Clipper Wheel Regular V4466CLIP
Option GEL Filled Tires
(Includes Filling of 2 Tires)
Option Wheel Rack OWR OWR

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