Single in its class !

The Heli-Carrier is one of a kind within the helicopter handling device market. It was created to serve a clientele that needs plenty of power to work in tough environments.

Optimize profitability !

Benefit from efficient single person helicopter handling. The Heli-Carrier ensures pilot autonomy by allowing them to come in at any hour and get the helicopter in and out without requiring the help of additional personnel.

Enjoy this daily task!

Experience true pleasure handling your helicopters. The Heli-Carrier is designed to offer swift and simple operation. It makes helicopter handling effortless and fun!

Reduce risks of ground operations safety and damage issues

Personnel can finally perform helicopter handling without risks of injuries as the device was designed to require no physical effort. Protect helicopters by using the Heli-Carrier: it ensures easy, swift & precise helicopter positioning within crowded hangars.

UH72 & EMS Package!