Fast Speed

Enjoy walking long distances at a brisk pace. Enjoy controlling speed at your will.

Compact Storage

Fold arm and store machine under helicopter nose. Ready to use in seconds.

Quick Set-up

Attachments are interchangeable in seconds without tools. Adjustable attachment system allows operator to position machine without particular precision. Allows correct tow cart positioning under helicopter in a single try.

Long Range

Impressive autonomy between charges. Ideal for take-off pads located far from hangars.

Versatile Universal Machines

Single machine can serve multiple helicopter types. Applications multiplied with practical options. Add "APU", Lights and Tow Hook for Planes and wheeled helicopters.

Minimal Maintenance

Only check & charge batteries periodically. Helitowcart selects components that have a proven reliability record thus ensuring long life.


Be totally autonomous. Move your helicopter without asking for help.


Carry your wheels

All light tow carts feature special holes in the motor cabinet to allow carrying your wheels back to the hanger

Minute Speed

Perform delicate maneuvres at very slow speed. Optimal precision in tight enviroments.

Automatic Charge

Battery Charger continuously monitors battery charge level. Tow Cart can be left unattended during charging.

Robinson Safety Lock

Aluminum sliding bar locks Robinson ball into block. Prevents ball from slipping out when riding over bumps.Locking bar is easily accessible.

Enjoy Silence

Helitowcarts are completely silent. Operating into hangars is safer without noise.

Blade Protection

Easy speed control prevents sudden movements. Smooth operation keeps blades from rocking up and down.

Robinson Protection

Safest attachment on market for Robinsons. The block will rest against attachment ball if not aimed well.