Available Models


The V910 Heli Carrier is the perfect tool for private and small operators who wish to move helicopters effortlessly. With it's narrow width, the new V910 allows more compatbility for light helicopters.

V910 Model Specification
Capacity:Lifting up to 4000 lbs (1800 kg)
Operation: Offers very wide 150° turn radius for optimal efficiency. For action & acceleration use right thumb to move tiller switch away from neutral zone. Tiller switch up moves forward, Down switch moves backward. Releasing tiller switch automatically triggers deceleration to full stop.
Drive Motors: 2 x 400w motors de-rated with sprockets Traction at support wheels.
Lifting: Up / Down with left Tiller switch on handle.
Hydraulic pump. 1.5 c.c. per rev.
2000w DC 24v.
1.6 liter tank.
Electricals:24v system
Controller 200 amps
Attachment lights: 2 x 9w Eagle Eyes
Converter 24v-to-12v for Attachment lights
Charger: 4amps. 115/230v. Included
Batteries:Uses 2 x Group 27 size batteries with threaded tips. Deap Cycle Lead Acid batteries readily available worldwide. Recommended: sealed AGM or GEL. Can also use unsealed WET batteries. Batteries Not Included. Helitowcart can supply batteries on request.
Shipping:Ships in easy to re-assemble modules. Crate is 5' x 6' x 30" (183x153x76cm)
Weight: 1600 lbs (727kg)
P/N Option Description Images
Light System
To ensure capability to attach and manoeuvre safely outside daylight hours and in darker hangars. Two powerful lights positioned to have a clear view of helicopter skids & tail. Adjustable direction for individual preference. Each Light is 27 Watts, 24v. 1750 LM.
24V Capability Power Supply
This Ground Power Unit brilliantly extends Carrier use to a second application. It allows to quickly provide power to helicopter using the carrier's own reserves. When needed, it can make the difference. Sourced from the 2 x 12V batteries (24V). With three prong receptacle.
Pivotal Arms
Counterweight arms with adjustable pivot at cushion provide extra flexibility for preferred resting point. Also ideal to contour pop-out floats.

(Required for Bell 505)
V910 with R44, AS350 & B206