Newly Introduced

New - Easy Roll Wheels

Easy Roll Wheels by Helitowcart

Made of high quality elastic solid rubber, our new Easy Roll wheels offer a very high operational comfort, low-noise operation, low rolling resistance and very good floor preservation. Available for R22, R44, R66. Ideal solution for people needing to push helicopter by hand.

New - Remote Controlled Heavy Duty Heli-Carrier - V1060-RC

Remote Controlled Light

The Helitowcart team is thrilled to present its brand new remote control carrier. The new system works well beyond our expectations !
This is a great solution for tight environment requiring extreme turn radius, extra precision and operator mobility. A beauty !

New - Tow bar for light turbines - htb45-hd

Tow bar

At the request of multiple customers Helitowcart has released a larger scale Tow Bar for light turbines. This new model is supplied with the well known AT45 yellow universal attachement bar; fitted on a reinforced quick connect Jack Head, wider and heavier grade axle, on full rubber wheels.

New - heli mini-dollies - hmd-std4

heli mini-dollies

One of thoses projects that start from a specific request from a customer ! The new Mini-Dollies are our latest release. Originally designed to support helicopter nose during handling, they can also be used to support helicopter frames during overhauls. Designed to fit most light helicopter skids, they are built sturdy and are set on top quality casters for a blissfully soft roll !

New - Joystick option on v301

Joystick option on v301

Adding the joystick option makes this Tow Cart even more fun to use and allows user to walk beside the helicopter while backing helicopter into hangar.

New - Gel fill and pivotal pins on Robinson Wheels

Gel fill and pivotal pins

Reducing maintenance needs ! These two new features have already been received with great satisfaction from the industry. The pivotal pins eliminate abrasion of skid bracket and introduces a smoother lift. The gel fill eliminates the need for tube replacements, yet keeps the same tire flexibility.

New - intense use cover material for heli-cushions

material for heli-cushions

As Helitowcart caters to the tough work utility helicopter operators for its cushions, a new cover material has been introduced for those looking for extra ruggedness. The new TREVIRA CS polyester cover is more resistant, machine washable and comes with a FAR 25.853 burn certificate.