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New - Fixed Towbar

Remote Controlled

The all new Fixed Towbar was designed to provide a moving solution for helicopters that have limited under belly space. Our fixed towbar is used in conjuction with our mini dollies and allows helicopter to be moved easily and effectively. Reach out to us if you believe this could be the right solution for your needs.

Remote Controlled Heavy Duty Heli-Carrier – V5000

Remote Controlled

In a desire to continually extend its range of solutions, Helitowcart is in the process of developping yet another carrier type.
This concept aims at compatibility to helicopters with accessories located on their skids, or very low clearance under cameras and spotlights.
The machine will also aim at offering as much clearance as possible for underbelly antennas.

Helitowcart is primarily designing the device for such types as B429, B412, H135 and H145.

For the B505 a New Heli-Carrier – V800

B505 Heli-Carrier hydraulic lift

Especially for the new B505, Helitowcart is designing an ultra compact Heli-Carrier. Electrically powered with hydraulic lift and joystick control, we are working hard to offer a reliable device at affordable cost.