Customer Care

Moving Forward

by Helitowcart Team

Following the footsteps of previous owners Lucien & Nathalie Barbeau, the next generation of entrepreneurs are continuing a story of quality and great service. This new trio is comprised of Jacob Chenard, Katherine Villeneuve and Maxime Perron Caissy who have all been team players for Helitowcart in the past. They are now ensuring the company’s future by investing their valuable knowledge to the benefit of our great customers worldwide.

Jacob Chenard is the CEO and team captain. His tone is soft and quiet, yet his leadership based on his technical expertise and his thoughtful approach to problem solving is felt loud and clear. He manages our engineering and his creativity is the source of efficient product design that thrills us. He is the one with the longest history with Helitowcart and benefits from an astonishing memory of manufactured units since he joined in. His skills and experience allow him to manage production and customer support with ease and care.

Katherine has the most beautiful laugh we have ever heard! She is the bubbly optimist with a sharp and witty mind that fuels the whole team with energy. Her eventful life keeps the team continuously awed by her adventures. She has an impressive capacity to work quickly, long and hard, and yet to do so with constant enthusiasm. She also has an outstanding capability to raise above the crowd to capture the big picture; doing so with acuity. Thanks to her experience and knack for crunching numbers. She is the one who manages sales and the financial side of the business.

Maxime brings a constant breeze of fresh air with his modern ideas and his bold & efficient initiatives. Being a commercial helicopter pilot and enjoying computer savviness, he started interventions for the company back in 2011. He has acted as our webmaster, photographer & videographer since then. Today, he also manages our marketing with a bright & creative touch which he perfected during his stint in the ecommerce industry. His thoroughness and field experience working for a helicopter operator has also set a solid base for his role as our new Quality System Manager. He is an impressive manager with his vast set of mastered skills,that allow him to handle with gusto, simultaneous challenges regarding IT, customer service and operational optimisation.

The combination of the three new owners along with our great and dedicated employees form a team of professionals always looking to innovate, develop and improve the lives of pilots, mechanical engineers and ground handling teams.

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