Helitowcart handling devices offer exceptional manoeuvrability for those delicate operations into hangars. They transform the daily task of moving helicopters in and out of hangars into a moment of pleasure. Powerful, precise, easy to use and completely silent they ensure most agreeable work conditions.

Robinson Tow Carts

Hundreds of those compact tow carts have been sold worldwide. They are a favourite within the Robinson helicopter community. The Helitowcart is fitted with the safest attachment system designed for Robinsons: the AT44 attachment block. The machines offer smooth operation with pneumatic tires, quick rides for long distances, exceptional range & reliability.

Universal Tow Carts

Helitowcart's V600 models are the most versatile towing units on the market. In addition to servicing a very wide range of skidded helicopter models they can also be used to handle wheeled helicopters and planes. These tow carts offer impressive performance: their traction motors are fitted with a de-rated gear mechanism that makes them astonishingly powerful. Their joystick control also contributes to the operator's great pleasure and autonomy.