UH72 - EMS Package

UH72 on HeliCarrier Dolly

Emergency Medical Services experience bigger challenges when it comes to their helicopter handling. They face today's budget restrictions in regards to human resource availability along with the tension to perform in extremely short time envelopes. They carry helicopters that are heavily loaded with equipment and fuel; and often need to do so in the most unfriendly environments such as pitch darkness, slippery wet snow or clear ice.

In such conditions solutions must be implemented to reduce risks of unwelcome flight delays, equipment damage and worst of all, personnel injury. It only makes sense that helicopter handling be so simple and easy that it becomes completely transparent to the crew, the mechanics and the management as they all have other priorities to attend to for optimal patient care.

Listening to the concerns and ideas coming from EMS organisations we have developed a number of features. Together, they create an unsurpassed solution for their specific needs.

We present you our EMS or also called UH72 Package:

The Helicarrier

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Battery powered self-propelled helicopter handling device. 9500 lbs lifting capability.

Capability to work on slopes, gravel, broken tarmac, snow and ice. Large pneumatic traction wheel for maintained adherence when rolling over pebbles. Helicopter weight spread on 5 wide rubber wheels to protect hot asphalt from damage. Triple point ground contact to ensure continuous traction on deeper uneven terrain. 7" High lift to clear curved or abrupt edged terrain.

For FLIR equipped UH72s: Heli-Carrier can be made with longer body to ensure safe motor cabinet clearance. Carrier can be made using 40" leg extensions instead of standard 30". Included if specified at time of order. (Order ID: V1030-40")


Attachment hooks for UH72

Quick, Tool free & effortless attachment to skid pins. Simply slides onto skid pins. Easy to attach even when wearing those thick gloves in freezing temperatures.


Operating in challenging conditions, one needs to have the confidence that plenty of reserve power is available. With this concern in mind a number of features are made available to ensure you are always ready:



Heli-Carriers use 12 volts Deep Cycle batteries. We supply Absorbed-Glass-Mat; sealed maintenance free batteries for optimal performance and minimal needed care.

A regular Carrier operates with 4 large Group 27 size batteries. The UH72 package includes 4 more batteries for a total of 8 units. This ensures extra range & unsurpassed readiness for unexpected missions.


Extra Battery Compartments

Two compact cabinets installed on each side of the motor compartment. Essential to hold those 4 additional batteries. Includes applicable battery wiring.


Heavy Duty Battery Charger

High capacity battery charger to serve 8 batteries efficiently.


Battery Charger Extension Cord

For best performance and long life the battery charger is best installed in a well ventilated zone with minimal daily handling.

Experienced operators prefer installing their charger in a permanent location in the hangar.

A 30' extension cord with specific tips is then used to effortlessly reach the Carrier.


Being ready makes the difference.
The following features ensure hassle free management when facing specific challenges:


Night Lights

To ensure capability to attach and manoeuvre safely outside daylight hours. Two powerful lights positioned to have a clear view of helicopter skids & tail. Adjustable direction for individual preference.

Each with 8 LEDs (3w), 24v. 1750 LM.


24v Capability Power Supply

This Auxiliary Power Unit brilliantly extends Carrier use to a second application. It allows to quickly provide power to helicopter using the carrier's own reserves. When needed, It can make the difference.


Extra Studded Traction Wheel

For those few months of constant clear ice conditions we supply an extra traction wheel fitted with studs.


Emergency Tow Bar

For military back up requirements.

Ensuring prompt capability to tow carrier back to base in case of carrier failure far away from hangar. Tow bar is stored on carrier and can be released and installed to direction wheel without tools.


Side Control Direction Arm Extension

For those crowded hangars. This Side control direction arm allows operator to manoeuvre direction traction wheel while standing beside helicopter. Ideal to maintain feel and control of the machine, and viewing tail & blades while performing turns between helicopter blades or near walls.